COVID-19 Training for Construction – Exclusive

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COVID-19 Training for Construction

The COVID-19 Training for Construction course has been specifically designed by VOHS Consulting Group team as a result of the highly infectious nature of the Coronavirus Disease.

Coronavirus Disease, or COVID-19, is a disease being caused by a new or novel coronavirus. As a result of its highly infectious nature, the World Health Organization has declared the spread of this coronavirus a global pandemic.

The construction industry continues to operate here in British Columbia as well as other parts of Canada and around the rest of the world. COVID-19 has caused many construction employers and workers to be concerned for their health and safety while working during a pandemic. As a result, we encourage everyone to protect themselves and others by taking this COVID-19 Training for Construction course. All workers exposed to workplace hazards require training. Therefore, this course was designed, in part, for employers to use as a tool towards due diligence and regulatory inspection preparedness.

Course Outline

COVID-19 Training for Construction course consists of a 30-minute video followed by a five (5) question multiple choice quiz. After completing the course and passing the quiz, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.

Topics covered in the course:

COVID-19 Training Construction - Article
COVID-19 Training Construction – Article

  1. Coronavirus identification and background
  2. Transmission of COVID-19
  3. Symptoms and health effects of COVID-19
  4. Prevention control to reduce the risk of infection for construction workplaces
  5. Roles and responsibilities of construction site contractors
  6. Cleaning and disinfection protocols or best practices
  7. Construction specific tips on implementation of prevention controls
  8. What to do when physical distancing is not possible
  9. Free resources for COVID-19 for the construction industry
  10. Aiming for a BC CDC donation to support the Rapid Response to COVID-19.

Community Support

COVID-19 BCCDC Foundation for Public Health

In addition to developing the COVID-19 Training for Construction Course, with enough interest, we are hoping to be able to make a donation in support of the Rapid Response to COVID-19 for the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health.