About Us

Trust | Honesty | Knowledge | Leadership

VOHS Consulting embodies a unique combination of technical knowledge/education, effective communication, experience in regulatory enforcement, and personality.  We bring a variety of experience working under the umbrella of occupational health and safety with over 100 combined years with a specialization in the health (hygiene) and construction safety world.

We support companies in many industries such as government (provincial and municipal), manufacturing, institutional, telecommunications, marine, import/export, emergency responders, with a very strong focus on the construction industry for local, national and international companies.

We can integrate within your organization as your health and safety group and industrial hygiene experts. Many companies that do not have the internal resources for a dedicated health and safety team or that need third party expertise use our services. We also have a unique ability to combine health and safety with design and IT solutions to have branded resources and safety apps for your organization.

By word of mouth, VOHS has quickly grown in less than three years serving hundreds of clients. This is a testament to the satisfaction of our customers who refer our services to their partners and network.