Industrial Hygiene

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Occupational hygiene focuses on your health while at work, specifically on the prevention of workplace related diseases.

We have developed the skill of being able to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control workplace hazards. These hazards come from work processes that may lead to injury, disease, disability, and life threatening health conditions.

These hazards come from 1) chemicals (liquid or gas) 2) dusts, fumes and smoke 3) physical hazards such as radiation, heat/cold, noise, vibration, and 4) biological hazards, like virus, bacteria, mould, blood borne pathogens.

Based on our knowledge and expertise, VOHS can identify hazards, asses the risk that may affect workers. Through onsite sample collection and/or evaluation we can analyze the results and recommend solutions to control and mitigate the exposure such that it complements the work your companies do without reducing production. We also can assist to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Workplaces have many types of hazards that may come about depending on the situation. These hazards may have long term health effects that impact your workers’ quality of life. These impacts can make experienced workers no longer able to perform their roles, leading to a loss of talent in your company. Concerned workers are less willing to contribute as much to the company due to these impacts.

Being proactive may also prevent your firm from potentially being penalized by the local regulators or being issued stop work orders.  We can do this through 70 years of direct regulatory experience in environmental and occupational health and safety.

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