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Do your workers need to enter and perform work in a confined space?  If not properly assessed and managed, confined spaces can be deadly spaces.

The hazards of these spaces, if not properly identified, assessed and controlled can lead to serious injury or even death.

Navigating the complexities of the regulatory requirements surrounding the identification and control of hazards in confined spaces can be very challenging, this is where VOHS Consulting Group’s qualified and experienced members can assist our clients in effectively managing confined space hazards and risks.

Our team of three qualified professionals (who meet the definition of “Qualified Person” under the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and “Competent Person” under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code ) specialize in the following across all industry sectors:

  • Identification and classification of confined (and enclosed) spaces including exclusion determination of certain spaces;
  • Developing realistic and practical:
  • Confined space hazard assessments
  • Confined space entry programs
  • Confined space entry procedures]Confined space rescue procedures
  • Air monitoring and ventilation installation procedures
  • Confined space forms and documents (e.g. entry permits, air monitoring logs etc.)
  • Providing focused and specific training to meet your confined space needs. Training is customized to your confined spaces.
  • Performing audits of your existing confined space management system to identify areas for improvement.