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Hazmat Consulting

A wide variety of substances and building materials have the potential to negatively impact the environment or result in human health concerns. Asbestos, lead (painted surfaces, batteries, etc.), mercury (thermostats, fluorescent light tubes, etc.), PCBs, mould growth, ozone-depleting materials, and numerous chemical products are some of the more common hazardous materials found in the workplace, commercial buildings, home etc. If disturbed or improperly maintained, these materials may pose a risk to workers and other building occupants.

Confined Spaces

Do your workers need to enter and perform work in a confined space? If not properly assessed and managed, confined spaces can be deadly spaces. The hazards of these spaces, if not properly identified, assessed and controlled can lead to serious injury or even death. Navigating the complexities of the regulatory requirements surrounding the identification and control of hazards in confined spaces can be very challenging, this is where VOHS Consulting Group’s qualified and experienced members can assist our clients in effectively managing confined space hazards and risks.

Exposure Control Plans

If you are looking for a qualified person for development of written exposure control plans… we can help. We can also assist with the implementation and training of a plan that works best for your organization. An exposure control plan (ECP) is a complete document that identifies the risk to common workplace hazards and how to manage these risks. Some of the typical hazards on a construction site most often requiring ECPs are asbestos, lead, silica, isocyanates, welding fume, carbon monoxide, diesel exhaust and now COVID-19 is upon us.

Industrial Hygiene

Occupational hygiene focuses on your health while at work, specifically on the prevention of workplace related diseases. We have developed the skill of being able to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control workplace hazards. These hazards come from work processes that may lead to injury, disease, disability, and life threatening health conditions.

Regulatory Compliance

We will support your organization to establish a safety system and provide the required level of training and education. This may include conducting on-site inspections to ensure that your construction worksites are compliant with regulations, investigation of safety concerns or incidents, review of safe work procedures, and liaise with owners, prime contractors, subcontractors, and WorkSafeBC personnel.

Training and Education

Our team is experienced and available to provide training and education services to meet your needs and to assist you in complying with current regulatory requirements. In recent years, various amendments to the B.C. Occupational Health and Safety Regulation have now resulted in more prescriptive obligations for employers to fulfill when it comes to providing education and training on specific topics like asbestos, lead, respirable crystalline silica, confined spaces and others.
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